The alkaline Diet heals

Reduce Inflammation and enjoy powerful nutrients delivered


The LifebySeacret Weight Loss Made Simple program is the fastest, healthiest way to lose weight and increase energy with the best organic ingredients in the market. Being the only Alkaline Diet System on the market, Weight Loss Made Simple program works because it decreases the acidic environment of the body causing rapid body fat loss, optimal health, strength, endurance, and an incredible overall sense of well-being. 

The best way to start on the diet is by choosing to start now with the following:

Protein Shake and Greens Replacement

Recovery HydroFX daily supplement

Boosters in the evening to help with sleep and digestion after an acidic meal

*Replace one of your meals with the organic protein shake and greens to get started. Remember to drink plenty of water and perform light exercises daily for at least 20 minutes which can involve walking or light exercises to increase blood flow and mobility.